Designed for faster and more flexible testing

The dScope audio analyzers are among the fastest and most powerful audio test solutions available for production line / QC testing applications. With the capacity to measure over 100 audio parameters simultaneously, and with advanced FFT-based analysis tools including multi-tone testing and impulse response analysis, dScope helps you increase your throughput and ensure that you are shipping fault-free products.

This article highlights three features of the dScope audio analyzers for production testing:

  • Event Manager: continuous analysis of soak testing
  • Rapid multi-tone testing: test a multitude of parameters in a matter of seconds
  • Automation capabilities: from code-free to complitely custom-tailored automation
Screen Shot of Auto Sequence
The dScope’s Auto Sequence automation tool allows simple setup and reporting of audio testing.

Event manager

dScope’s ‘Event Manager’ application is capable of analyzing soak test measurements continuously, over indefinite time periods, checking for intermittent faults that could be missed by periodic or end-of-soak inspection. Any limit breaches are recorded to a log file complete with details of the time and date of the failure, the nature of the fault and the numerical values of the measurement results. On detection of any intermittent faults, the system can take arbitrary sequences of action, which could include sending an email to the Production Manager or running an automatic sequence of diagnostic tests and creating a detailed test report, for example.

Rapid multi-tone testing

Audio analysis using synchronous multi-tones is fast and powerful. It allows many parameters of the equipment under test to be measured simultaneously, using a single stimulus waveform, and yields results much more quickly than sweeps or sequences of spot measurements. The setup of the multi-tone test is easy with the dScope software; just select the multi-tone stimulus parameters and the numerical and grapical results and the software takes care of the rest!

Synchronous multi-tone analysis is based on calculating an FFT of a captured multi-tone stimulus after passing it through the equipment under test. The complex nature of the stimulus means that many different properties of the equipment under test can be measured from a single, short acquisition of a buffer of audio data. The results are calculated by means of a frequency-domain analysis of the captured buffer, using a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm. For example you could measure: Distortion, Noise, Total Distortion + Noise, Frequency Response, Ripple, Gain, Channel Balance and Cross-talk on both channels at the same time, view the results in either graphical or numerical form (or both), and check them against your acceptable limits, all in a few seconds!

Automation capabilities

The dScope audio analyzers offer a range of automation options, allowing you to seamlessly integrate the system into your production facility no matter how large or small:

  • Auto Sequence: Highly customizable and code-free test automation with reporting in HTML, PDF, and Excel formats. Suitable for production volumes of <1 000 units/month.
  • Auto Test SQL: High volume production test application with integration to MS SQL server. Suitable for production volumes of > 1 000 units/month
  • Self-contained automation applications can be written in VBScript, a powerful scripting language that allows the user to create automated test sequences, limit checking, pass / fail reporting, integration with databases or spreadsheets for storing results, and custom user interfaces / dialogues to be created to control the flow of testing or to customise the level of information shown to the test operator.
  • For integration within larger-scale automation environments, dScope includes an ActiveX / COM interface that enables the system to be controlled by external applications (and vice-versa), allowing automation executives such as LabVIEW, TestStand, Delphi, Python, C#, etc to run test sequences and check results.
  • dScope’s automation tools also enable integration of other applications and control / measurement systems, including barcode scanners, external instruments for non-audio measurements, PLCs, production-line hardware etc.

Applications engineering solutions

Automation solutions can be delivered by Spectral Measurement as part of a turn-key package, custom made for your specific needs and ready to operate out-of-the-box. Our experienced team of expert Applications Engineers has a long history of delivering automated solutions to many of the world’s leading audio brands. No matter how big or small your manufacturing operation, dScope allows you to measure faster and saves you money.


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