Audio Test & Measurement as easy and affordable as it can be

Spectral Measurement (formerly Prism Sound Test and Measurement) has been supplying successful high quality analogue and digital audio test and measurement solutions for over 32 years.

Our solutions employ state-of-the-art audio measurement technology, backed up by consultancy and support services recognized as the best in the industry.

With Spectral Measurement solutions you develop your R&D, verification and production tests in parallel, significantly reducing your time to market.

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Analogue and digital audio test and measurement solutions

dScope Audio Analyzer by Spectral Measurement empowers your success

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Companion Solutions

dSnet I/O Switcher

A 16-into-2 switching of either analogue or digital (AES3) audio signals

Switcher for dScope
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VSIO adapter

For testing devices with serial audio multiplex interfaces (for example I2S)

VSIO for dScope
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dS-LPF Low Pass Filter

A passive 20kHz low-pass filter for measuring digital power amplifiers.

LPF for dScope
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Tetrahedral Test Chamber


The new normal for loudspeaker drive unit measurements

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Polar Test Chamber


Polar measurements of complete speaker cabinets or drive units

Polar test chamber showing speaker rotated 60 degrees on a lifter
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Custom Test Chambers


A test chamber for your specific measurement needs

Mic test chamber
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Auto Sequence

Code-free and easy-to-use test automation tool with PDF and excel reporting

Auto sequence screen
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Auto Test

SQL based test automation software for high throughput applications

Auto Test SQL
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Click on an icon below, to find out more about that specific application and how the Spectral Measurement dScope can assist you in that audio measurement task.

We’re still building this new Spectral Measurement site. Spectral Measurement was formerly the Test & Measurement division of Prism Sound, but since May 2019 is a separate, T&M focussed business.

For more detail about our products click here to reach the home-page of the ‘original’ Prism Sound T&M website .

The new dScope M1 Audio Analyzer


  • Phantom power 48V / CCP
  • Integrated I2S and GPIO


  • THD+N: down to -108 dB
  • Sampling rates up to 768 kHz


  • Starting at 2495 GBP / 3395 US
  • Modular software - modular price
dScope M1 for audio test & measurement