Dante, Bluetooth, and other audio interfaces are just another I/O for the dScope

The dScope audio analyzers are a combined software and hardware analysis system that treats your PC’s sound devices as just another input or output (WDM or ASIO). Thus you can use the powerful measurement capabilities to test your soundcard or other audio interface. The dScope can answer to the following questions:

What does my soundcard do with its digital inputs?

  • -> Send a signal from dScope’s digital output to the soundcard and measure it as perceived by Windows!

How well does my soundcard’s DAC perform?

  • -> Set the soundcard as an output for the dScope signal generator and measure the analog side with dScope’s precision analog inputs!

How good is my Bluetooth headset?

  • -> Select the headset as an input/output for the dScope and measure it both ways!

So can I measure Dante devices?


No fiddling around with additional software, test files or loopbacks. It’s straightforward, easy, and accurate. Furthermore, you can perform sweeps and add automation just as you would with other inputs and outputs.

test your soundcard or other audio interface directly with the dScope audio analyzer


Take it to the board

If you want to know what your digital audio signals are doing as they traverse a PCB as serial digital data, you’re going to need some specialist tools. The dScope companion solution, the VSIO adapter allows you to connect and map multiple channels of serial digital data such as I2S to and from the dScope so you can inject and measure signals at board level. It even lets you send and receive I2C or SPI control messages, all under software control from the dScope application. Read more about digital serial I/O here

Test smarter, test faster!
dScope audio analyzers allow you to test your Windows audio devices in a closed loop from end to end, with real time control over signal generator waveforms, amplitudes and frequencies, and analysis functions and algorithms, thus greatly speeding up the process of design and test of your soundcard or other audio interface.


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