IC testing with multi-channel, multi-format Digital Serial I/O

Spectral Measurement delivers I2S audio testing solutions engineered with first-hand audio equipment design experience.

The dScope can interface directly with digital audio signals at board-level by converting serial audio data such as I2S to AES3 (AES/EBU). It supports also TDM for up to 16 channels of audio data.

Typical applications are in the development and testing of:

  • Board level components such as A-D and D-A converters
  • Modular equipment where audio is passed between modules on serial interfaces
  • Automotive multi-channel audio and
  • Service and fault-finding on digital systems.

With the dScope M1, you can use either the integrated VSIO or the dSNet VSIO adapter.

Digital Serial interface I2S testing audio control panel
The control panel for the dSNet VSIO adapter with full control over parameters and a view of the timing diagram.


M1 Integrated VSIO vs dSNet-VSIO Adapter




TDM Data Input lines 1 4
TDM Data Output lines 1 4
Max channels (may be spread over all DIO lines) 16 16
Separate Input & Output clocking No Yes
I2C control No Yes


See the webinar below to see an example of I2S audio testing with the dSNet-VSIO adapter:


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