Electroacoustic measurements in a flash

The dScope M1 Audio Analyzer can analyze a complete electroacoustic system including its loudspeaker, microphone, integrated analogue and digital amplifiers, A/D and D/A converters, and audio communication channels (including USB, I2S and Bluetooth). With the dScope M1 and the TTC measurement chamber your electroacoustic measurements are easy, accurate and repeatable!

The built-in phantom power (48V or CCP) allows you to directly connect your measurement microphone and start measuring using the dScope’s Log-Swept-Sine (LSS) script. The LSS script gives you the following results in a flash:

  • Frequency response
  • Acoustic phase
  • THD and individual harmonics
  • Rub & Buzz
  • Impedance magnitude & phase
  • Total dBSPL level, Sensitivity, Distance, Polarity, Resonant frequency (Fs), and Zmin

See this short video to see the Log-swept-sine measurement script in use

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Measure your loudspeaker with staggering repeatability using the TTC chamber

The Hill Acoustics measurement chambers can overcome the accuracy and repeatability issues by providing a standardized method that can be used in the R&D lab, at the end of the production line or even at home. The chambers ensure fixed mic and loudspeaker positions, standing wave free measurements and a calibrated response without a low frequency cutoff. The chamber is easy to use with the dScope LSS script and it makes these two solutions a perfect pair for your electroacoustic product’s design process.

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