Power amplifier testing made quick and easy

The dScope M1 can perform burst power and all the traditional audio measurements associated with power amplifiers:

  • THD+N
  • THD
  • Noise
  • THD+N vs frequency
  • THD+N vs level
  • Intermodulation distortion
  • Power vs frequency
  • Power vs level
  • Soak testing



Power amplifier measurement distortion vs power graph
One of the most fundamental power amplifier measurements is the THD+N vs Power graph. The graph depicts how the distortion and noise behaves with increasing output level.


FFT showing the distortion and noise shaping of a power amplifier
In addition, the M1’s FFT display can also reveal the noise shape and the spectral distribution and level of the distortion components.


The dScope allows you to make burst power measurements according to the measurement standards.

How to use the M1’s regulation option to measure the maximum output power of your power amplifier.

The M1’s regulation option measures the maximum output amplitude of an amplifier by regulating the stimulus to the input of the amplifier until the amplifier’s distortion reaches a user-definable, pre-determined value. This functionality can be applied to sweeps, so the maximum output power vs frequency can be measured quickly and easily at the click of a button.

Switch-mode digital power amplifiers
Switch-mode amplifiers are prevalent and can offer significant power efficiency and size advantages. However, they present certain challenges for test and measurement equipment. The basic operation of a switch-mode amplifier involves high-frequency switching between power supply rails, which causes strong signal components outside the audio-band. This signal can interfere with the audio measurement unless steps are taken to remove the high-frequency component from the signal before applying it to the M1 inputs. Spectral Measurement’s passive low-pass filter allows these high frequency signals to be removed, preventing measurement errors (non-linearities) due to the high slew rates and allowing the M1 to accurately measure the signal in the audio-band.


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