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How to solve your loudspeaker testing problems

The weakest link in your measurement chain is your chamber

  • Typically chambers have massive footprints:
    The TTC solves your problem with its compact geometry
  • Typically chambers don’t result in repeatable measurements:
    The TTC solves your problem by fixed microphone and loudspeaker positions
  • Typically accuracy suffers at low frequencies:
    The TTC solves your problem by measuring below the low frequency limit of your driver
  • Typically results are not transferable between chambers:
    The TTC solves your problem by using internationally accepted standards
  • Typically chambers are difficult and awkward to use:
    The TTC solves your problem by allowing quick changeover of loudspeakers

The TTC establishes a new normal for R&D and production line loudspeaker testing

After an exhaustive peer review the concept has been included as part of IEC 60268-21-2018 & IEC 60268-22, and AES73id-2019.

The TTC delivers results better than +/-0.5dB 20Hz to 20kHz to a 95% confidence level.

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Repeatable results

  • Results typically repeatable within 0.5dB (20-20kHz)
  • Controlled distance between the loudspeaker and the measurement microphone
  • Tetrahedral shape eliminates standing waves ensuring consistent low frequency response

Accurate results

  • Fixed environment which guarantees the measurement accuracy
  • Controlled pressure and high frequency environment ensure accurate wideband frequency response (20-20kHz)

Transferrable results

  • Tetrahedral structure and calibration of the TTC ensures transferrable results between chambers
  • Meets IEC 60268-21-2018, IEC 60268-22 ED1, and AES 73id-2019 standards

Chamber types

Are you testing complete loudspeaker cabinets, microphones or want to do polar measurements? Check out the other chamber types.

Tetrahedral Test Chamber(TTC)

The new normal for loudspeaker drive unit measurements

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Polar Test Chamber(PTC)

Polar measurements of complete speaker cabinets or drive units

Polar test chamber
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Microphone Test Chamber(MTC)

A test chamber for microphone and hydrophone measurements

Mic test chamber
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