Mic test chamber

Test chambers for accurate and repeatable electroacoustic measurements

For microphones, hydrophones and other electroacoustic devices

Repeatable results

  • Results typically repeatable within 0.5dB (20-20kHz)
  • Controlled distance between the loudspeaker and the microphone
  • Shape eliminates standing waves ensuring consistent low frequency response

Accurate results

  • Fixed environment which guarantees the measurement accuracy
  • Controlled pressure and high frequency environment ensure accurate wideband frequency response (20-20kHz)

Transferrable results

  • Structure and calibration of the design ensures transferrable results between chambers

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Chamber types

Are you testing complete loudspeaker cabinets, microphones or want to do polar measurements? Check out the other chamber types.

Tetrahedral Test Chamber


The new normal for loudspeaker drive unit measurements

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Polar Test Chamber


Polar measurements of complete speaker cabinets or drive units

Polar test chamber
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Custom Test Chambers


Custom test chambers for your
measurement needs

Mic test chamber
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