Test Bluetooth audio directly!

Spectral Measurement’s dScope M1 audio test system enables you to route test signals directly between the M1 and your PC’s Bluetooth chipset or your EUT’s USB dongle. This direct connection between test system and Bluetooth device gives you immediate access to the unique M1 feature set for your Bluetooth system tests, including
  • Sweeps
  • Regulation
  • Smart FFT detectors (calculations on the FFT buffer, you can use the ready made functions or write your own script)
  • Live measurement traces
  • Multi-tone analysis
  • Automation for QC applications

…and much more!


One of the major advantages of using dScope M1 for Bluetooth testing is that it removes the need for any time consuming generation / analysis of wave files in external software.
dSCope audio analyzer bluetooth testing

The dScope M1 platform incorporates a complete suite of analysis tools for each subsystem within your Bluetooth headset, headphone or loudspeaker, including the following:

  • Checking the Bluetooth link for intermittent drop-outs / glitches
  • Evaluating ADC and DAC performance (mic input / speaker output)
  • Testing analogue and digital domain audio, including serial digital audio interface signals (e.g. I2S)
  • Characterising DSP functionality, including dynamics, EQ, noise cancellation, etc
  • Evaluating CODEC performance, including multi-tone testing to stress the CODEC with realistic signals
  • Electroacoustic measurements of microphones, earpieces and loudspeaker drive units

Test smarter, test faster!
dScope M1 allows you to test your Bluetooth audio devices in a closed loop from end to end, with real time control over signal generator waveforms, amplitudes and frequencies, and analysis functions and algorithms, thus greatly speeding up the process of design and test.

Recommended dScope M1 software options:

  • Multitone Generation and Analysis
  • 40 FFT detectors
  • Scripted FFT Detectors