With over 32 years of experience in audio test and measurement, we know what are the most important features and how to deliver them as a cost efficient and easy-to-use solution.

dScope M1

Our new modular audio analyzer

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dScope M1 audio test & measurement

dScope Series III

Our legendary audio analyzer

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dScope Series III

Perhaps you’re familiar with the dScope Series III and wondering how the M1 differs from it. And most importantly, which one is better for your needs. This table presents the main differences between the two analyzers.

They both include all the essential audio measurements such as THD+N, Noise, Sweeps, FFT analysis, Impulse response measurements, code-free and coded automation with support for dSNet peripherals such as the dSNet I/O Switcher (16:2) and much more.

A dScope Series III is the ideal choice If you need comprehensive AES/EBU or SPDIF interface analysis tools such as eye-pattern and jitter analysis or if you are testing power amplifiers and want the higher input voltage handling up to 159Vrms (balanced or bridged mode).  dScope Series III has a separate reference input which can be AES3 or AES11, Wordclock or Video B-B as well as “clean” digital reference outputs (Wordclock and AES) useful when performing analysis of jitter tolerance. The dScope Series III has seperate BNC connectors for digital and analog I/O and offers greater flexibility with the option of separately grounded analog generator and analyzer.  The dScope Series III also incorporates a comprehensive signal monitoring section allowing inspection on a scope of a wide variety of measurement nodes & signals within the instrument with up to 4 separate BNC monitor outputs as well as internal monitor speaker and headphone monitor outputs.


dScope M1 audio test & measurement

Series III

dScope Series III

Analog input level

100Vrms balanced (or bridged amplifier), 50Vrms single-ended

159Vrms balanced (or bridged amplifier), 79Vrms single-ended

Analog output level

+26dBu with a minimum load of 1000 ohms or +22dBu with 600 ohm load (all balanced); +20dBu unbalanced.

+28dBu with minimum load of 600 ohms (balanced); +22dBu unbalanced.

THD residual

(typical at best case settings, back to back, 22Hz-22kHz)

-108dB or better than -110dB with high performance option


(typical at best case settings, back to back, 22Hz-22kHz)


Max analog input sample rate 768kHz, with usable bandwidth up to 200kHz (generator up to 150kHz)

Max sampling rate 192kHz, 90kHz bandwidth

AES/EBU or SPDIF interface analysis (jitter etc.)

Limited capabilities

Comprehensive industry-leading AES/EBU or SPDIF interface analysis

Phantom power

48V Phantom power and CCP Power for microphones

No phantom power

FFT size

Up to 1M points

Up to 256k points


  • Analog I/O with balanced XLR connectors and single-ended/differential connections with adapters
  • Digital I/O XLR and Toslink

  • Analog I/O with XLR and differential BNC connections
  • Digital I/O with XLR, BNC and Toslink
  • Sync Reference Ouputs XLR & BNC; Inputs XLR & BNC (AES/WCk/Video BB)
  • Monitor outputs 4xBNC; Stereo headphone 1/4-inch TRS socket with volume control


Monitoring via host PC soundcard using the virtual monitor feature

Monitoring via 4x BNC physical connectors, built-in speaker and headphone connector with volume control


Wide selection of software options that can also be added later

4 models available:

Full analog and digital system

Analog and digital system with essential measurements

Analog only system

Analog+ system


Using the dScope software version 1.50 upwards. Unlimited seats.

Support for both 1.50, 1.45, and legacy dScope software versions. Unlimited seats.


Modular: Starting at £3264 / $4395

Customize your M1 options, check pricing & request a quote using the Configurator button below.

Configure your M1

dScope Series III £6995 (Full system analog, digital & soundcard I/O)

dScope Series IIIA+ £6495 (Analog & Soundcard I/O only, full feature set)

dScope Series IIIA £5965 (Analog & Soundcard I/O only, basic feature set)

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