dScope M1 audio analyzer audio test instrument

New dScope M1 audio analyzer

We've combined future audio trends with over 40 years of audio test & measurement experience to build an instrument for all your measurement needs.

All essential measurements like THD+N, noise, crosstalk, sweeps, impulse response plus simple code free test automation and additional modules for advanced features.

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  • Phantom power 48V / CCP
  • Integrated I2S and GPIO


  • THD residual -110 dB
  • Sampling rates up to 768 kHz


  • Starting at 3264 GBP / 4395 US
  • Modular software - modular price
  • Analogue I/O (48kHz/96kHz/192kHz)
  • Digital I/O (max 192kHz)
  • Sound Card I/O (ASIO/WDM devices)
    • Bluetooth, Dante, MADI
  • Signal Analyzer (Amplitude/Frequency/Phase)
  • Signal Generator (Sine, White/Pink noise, Swept sine, Twin-tone)
  • Basic AES3 Channel Status
  • Simultaneous time and frequency domain measurements:
    • THD+N, THD, individual/odd/even harmonics, IMD (CCIF / SMPTE-DIN)
    • Cross-talk, Balance, Gain, Noise
    • Standard and user weighting filters
  • FFT Analysis with Smart FFT Detectors
  • Sweeps
  • Impulse Response Tests
  • Scripting
  • Code free test automation and report generation (Excel/PDF/HTML)
  • External control via ActiveX (C++, Python, LabView, Matlab etc.)
dScope M1 audio test & measurement
  • THD residual typical -108 to -110dB
  • Phantom power, User selectable +48V OR CCP
  • 100k input impedance
  • Switchable Output impedances: 50R, 150/200R
  • Maximum Generator level on Analog Outputs: 26dBu
  • Maximum level on Analog Inputs: 100Vrms balanced, 50Vrms unbalanced
  • Analog I/O: XLR (balanced/unbalanced)
  • Digital I/O: S/PDIF TOSLINK and AES3 XLR
  • Wordclock sync I/O for Digital Outputs
  • USB connection to PC
  • 230 x 180 x 36mm, 1U mounting kit available
  • 1.3kg
  • Universal 12V adaptor included
dScope M1 audio test & measurement

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  • High Performance THD+N residual
  • Analog input sampling rate up to 768kHz (>200kHz Bandwidth)
  • Extended signal generation functions
  • Extended Sweep functions
  • Regulation
  • Scripted Smart FFT Detectors
  • 40x Smart FFT Detectors
  • Multi-tone generation and analysis
  • Event Manager
  • dS-Net Switcher control
  • Port access from scripts
  • Digital Channel status - full access
  • Digital carrier analysis
  • Integrated GPIO control
  • Integrated VSIO for I2S
Configure options and view pricing
dScope M1 audio test & measurement

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dScope M1 for audio test & measurement