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Are you working on a new product or just want to strenghten your business? We would be glad to partner with you on your quest to success.

Our company’s history has given us experience in various projects from developing world-class audio converters to building production lines with millions of finished units. If it turns out that we are not the right people to help you, then we are happy to use our networks and guide you to the right direction.

R&D Test and Measurement

Have a problem with your product but can't figure out what it is? We can find the parameters that describes your problem and how to fix it!

dScope audio analyzer audio amplifier burst power measurement
Auto sequence screen

Production Line Testing

Do you want to speed up your production while collecting all the data and producing reports? We can build your production tests and set it all up using the dScope audio analyzer hardware and software.

Loudspeaker R&D and Testing

Are you developing or testing a loudspeaker, microspeaker, smart speaker, or any other electroacoustic device? Tell us about your project and we'll do our best to make you succeed!

electroacoustic measurements

Audio Data Collection and Analysis

Do you need to collect audio data but can't figure out how to do it? We can help you set up a system for collecting large datasets. May it be for industrial condition monitoring or machine learning task, we know how to record high quality audio.

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