dScope M1 audio test & measurement

New dScope M1 audio analyzer

We've combined future audio trends with over 40 years of audio test & measurement experience to build an instrument for all your measurement needs.

All essential measurements like THD+N, noise, crosstalk, sweeps, impulse response plus simple code free test automation and additional options for advanced features.

I2S and TDM are possible with our VSIO adapter or with the integrated I2S option (pending release). More measurement channels are available by using our Switcher solution.

Spectral Measurement (formerly Prism Sound Test & Measurement) has a long and successful reputation in audio test & measurement. Our dScope audio analyzers are well known for their flexibility, automation features and best cost-efficiency in the market.

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Your dScope M1 pricing consists of 2 parts:


M1: More options by default bundled with a discount

M1E: Select only the options that you need


Select the additional options. Software options can also be added later.

Essential measurements included:

  • Analogue I/O (48kHz/96kHz/192kHz)
  • Digital I/O (max 192kHz)
  • Sound Card I/O (ASIO/WDM devices)
    • Bluetooth, Dante, MADI
  • Signal Analyzer (Amplitude/Frequency/Phase)
  • Signal Generator (Sine, White/Pink noise, Swept sine, Twin-tone)
  • Basic AES3 Channel Status
  • Simultaneous time and frequency domain measurements:
    • THD+N, THD, individual/odd/even harmonics, Gain, Noise, IMD (CCIF / SMPTE-DIN), Crosstalk, Balance
    • Standard and user weighting filters
  • FFT Analysis with Smart FFT Detectors
  • Sweeps
  • Impulse Response Tests
  • Scripting
  • Code free test automation and report generation (Excel/PDF/HTML)
  • External control via ActiveX (C++, Python, LabView, Matlab etc.)

Hardware features:

  • THD residual typical -108dB
  • Phantom power, User selectable +48V OR CCP
  • 100k input impedance
  • Switchable Output impedances: 50R, 150/200R
  • Maximum Generator level on Analog Outputs: 26dBu
  • Generator range 0.01 to 91008 Hz
  • Maximum level on Analog Inputs: 100Vrms balanced, 50Vrms unbalanced
  • Analog inputs bandwidth 0 to 96000 Hz
  • Analog I/O: XLR (balanced/unbalanced)
  • Digital I/O: S/PDIF TOSLINK and AES3 XLR
  • Wordclock sync I/O for Digital Outputs
  • USB connection to PC
  • 230 x 180 x 36mm, 1U mounting kit available
  • 1.3kg
  • Universal 12V adaptor included

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