The TTC ordering process

1. Select your chamber

  • Select by the largest size of your drivers or application (polar test chamber or microphone test chamber)
  • Select the number of sub-baffles based on the number of driver types
  • Select the acoustic isolator if chamber is used in a noisy environment

2. Our experts will contact you

  • We’ll ensure that you’ve selected the correct chamber for your needs
  • We’ll make sure the sub-baffles match your driver types
  • Other customization of the chamber available on request

3. Delivery of the chamber

  • You chamber is delivered calibrated and ready for measurements
  • We’ll help you to get started
  • You’ll enjoy the accuracy, repeatability and ease of use

Select your chamber and view pricing


All chamber models are delivered with the following components:

  • Selected TTC chamber
  • MSJ: Mic setup jig
  • Loudspeaker clamp
  • Sub-Baffle for a generic driver
  • Adapters for 1/4”, 1/2” and 1” microphones

TTC components

Chamber model Sub-Baffle diameter Largest driver size Unpacked weight
TTC350 150 mm 4" 11kg (24lb)
TTC750 300 mm 8" 41kg (90lb)
TTC900 350 mm 12" 120kg (265lb)
TTC1500 600 mm 21" 350kg (770lb)
Polar Test Chambers
(For polar measurements of complete speaker cabinets or drive units)
Dimensions on request Dimensions on request Dimensions on request

The new normal for loudspeaker testing

transparent view of a loudspeaker test chamber with clamp & mic